Moving from Luminair v2 to Luminair 3

Last Updated: Apr 04, 2017 01:18PM EDT

Luminair 3 has the ability to upgrade projects originally created in v2. If you have iCloud enabled in v2, these files will be available within Luminair's Projects view after turning on iCloud in Luminair 3.

If you didn't have iCloud enabled in v2, due to the way the iOS file system is structured (apps are sandboxed), it's not possible to directly transfer the older projects into the new version. But there is a workaround. You will first need to transfer the files to another computer using File Transfer mode, and then transfer them to Luminair 3 using the same technique. In v2, the file transfer mode button is below the preview image in the project selection view. In v3, this button was moved to the right-hand side of the upper project selection toolbar.

When opening projects created in v2 in Luminair 3, you will first be prompted to let you know that editing this file will upgrade it to Luminair's 3 new format. Tap OK to accept. Once a file has been edited in Luminair 3, it will no longer be compatible with earlier version of the app.

We also don't recommend keeping iCloud enabled in v2 if you decide keep it installed on any of your devces, as it can create syncing conflicts. To disable iCloud in v2, open Luminair project selection view and tap the little cloud icon in the toolbar (it will be BLUE when iCloud is enabled). We recommend doing that step on all of your devices before running v3 for the first time. The projects themselves will remain in iCloud and v3 will be able to detect them on startup.
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