Some of my Hue lights aren't updating when switching scenes

Last Updated: Apr 04, 2017 12:08PM EDT

First, please read through the differences between the response times of Hue lights and DMX lights.

Luminair uses the offical Hue SDK for iOS. When activating a scene in Luminair, the app has to send a separate network command to each hue bulb through the bridge, in a staggered fashion at 1/10th a second between messages (due to the way the Hue API works).

This is in contrast to the official Hue app, which has the ability to store scenes on the bulbs themselves. When activating a scene in the official Hue app, it only needs to send a single command to the bridge.

In instances where one or more of your bulbs aren't updating as expected when activating a scene in Luminair, the cause could be a couple of things (provided you've taken into account the response time necessary to update all bulbs between scenes being activated).

- In networks with packet loss due to interference or a weak signal, there is potential for the necessary network commands to be dropped before they are received by the bridge.

- The Hue bulbs themselves rely on a mesh network between bulbs, so if there are any interference or distance issues between bulbs it can cause this as well.

In order to troubleshoot either of these scenarios you should try isolating the Wi-Fi network, Hue Bridge and all bulbs to a smaller area where there are no potential interference problems.
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