• Luminair 3 Upgrade

    Luminair 3 is a brand new, 64-bit app built for devices that can run iOS 8 or later. Luminair 3's user interface changes and internal engine required a rewrite of the app that has resulted in major new features like the new FX engine and mo...

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  • Is educational pricing available?

    Education pricing is indeed available through Apple's Volume Purchasing Program (VPP). Our apps are available at a 50% discount to educational institutions who qualify. Please see details of Apple's VPP at the following link: http://www.app...

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  • What is your upgrade policy?

    Like most professional software, any major versions (3.0, 4.0, etc.) are likely to be paid upgrades and all interim feature and maintenance updates will be free. We are not likely to release new paid upgrades in less than an 18 month interv...

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  • Are mulitple users allowed under a single license/purchase?

    Luminair uses Apple's standard App Store license, which for personal use allow you to install it on all of the devices connected to your personal iTunes account. For business/commercial use, any time an app is going to be used on multiple d...

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  • Are multi-user licenses available?

    Apple currently does not allow developers to offer multi-user licenses on the App Store. If your company or organization is part of Apple's Volume Purchase Program for Business or Education, it's possible to purchase licenses under a single...

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  • Can I become a reseller?

    We wish this was possible, however restrictions with Apple's App Store prevent us from being able to offer bulk licenses to resellers. We actually aren't allowed to sell any licenses outside of Apple's store as part of agreement with Apple....

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  • Can I transfer my license to another Apple account?

    Apple does not currently provide any way to transfer apps between accounts, so this isn't possible. For full information, Apple's usage terms and and EULA are available at the following links: http://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/it...

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  • Where can I download Luminair v2?

    Luminair for iOS v2 can be downloaded from Previous Purchases within the App Store on your device, as long as you are logged in using the same Apple ID originally used to purchase the app. To browse your previous app purchases, open the Ap...

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  • Where can I purchase the Art-Net or sACN interface?

    Luminair works with all Art-Net to DMX and sACN E1.31 to DMX interfaces. Some of the most common interfaces used with the app (in no particular order) are DMXking eDMX, Enttec ODE, ELC DMXlan buddy and Pathway Pathport. We don't manufactur...

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