• Luminair doesn't detect my Art-Net interface in Status > Node ...

    In order for Luminair to detect Art-Net interfaces, you'll need to verify that the IP address assigned to your Art-Net interface falls within the same range as your iOS device. We recommend that the first three octets match on both your iOS...

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  • My DMX lights aren't reacting as expected

    Assuming you've properly established a connection with your DMX interface, if your lights aren't reacting as expected you should always first check Luminair's built-in DMX monitor. Luminair's DMX monitor displays the exact values being o...

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  • I'm seeing lagging or choppy DMX output over Wi-Fi

    If you're seeing any lagging or choppy behavior in Luminair's DMX output signal when connected via Wi-Fi, this always indicates that there is either a weak wireless connection or other interference preventing all of the network packets from...

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  • iOS 9 / iOS 10 Compatibility

    Luminair supports iOS 9 as of version 3.0.8 or later. Previous versions of Luminair are not supported under iOS 9. It's recommended that you do not upgrade to iOS 9 if you are using Luminair v2. We no longer have the ability to provide upd...

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  • Philips Hue Response Times vs. DMX

    While you’ll be able to control your Hue lights right alongside your DMX-controllable lighting with Luminair, there are some limitations due to the nature of the communication protocol Philips has used with these lights. With the Philips H...

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  • Some of my Hue lights aren't updating when switching scenes

    First, please read through the differences between the response times of Hue lights and DMX lights. http://support.synthe-fx.com/customer/en/portal/articles/1330326-philips-hue-response-times-vs-dmx Luminair uses the offical Hue SDK for iO...

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  • I found a bug, How can I report this issue?

    Found a bug? User experience is important to us and we work quickly to fix bug reports submitted by users. Please get in touch with support so we can begin looking into your issue. Please provide a detailed description of the problem and i...

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